Myths About Online Dating

Myths About Online Dating

If you browse the internet regularly then you have probably been inundated with ads for online dating sites.  Plenty of people are turning to the internet to meet people who share their common interests.  Online dating has made it easier to meet someone with the same interests and values as you.  It is far easier than the bar scene or trying to meet someone at the grocery store.  However there are still a ton of myths about online dating, it is time to dispel some of the myths.

Myth #1 Online Dating is Dangerous

Online dating is no more dangerous than any other kind of date, that being said you should definitely practice caution when you decide to do online dating.  When you put together your dating profile, don’t put too much personal information including any information that can identify you.  Get to know people a little before you give any information.  Start with a cell phone number so you can chat or text.  Always meet in a public place like a Starbucks or a restaurant.  Your safety is your responsibility and never do anything that makes you uncomfortable.

Myth #2 You Can’t Find “The One” Online

This is completely untrue and there are plenty of stories of happy endings to prove this isn’t true.  Most of the people who make this claim have either never tried online dating or they had a bad experience.  Finding love isn’t easy whether you are looking online or not.  If you aren’t willing to put yourself out there and meet people then it will never happen.

Myth #3 Online Dating is Only for Millennial

This isn’t true at all, people of all ages including seniors are trying online dating to try and meet someone.  While millennials tend to be more comfortable with technology and have grown up in the age of social media they aren’t the only ones turning to the internet to meet someone. People from all walks of life are looking to find a partner and the internet makes it easier.

Online dating is a great way to meet someone who shares your interests and goals.  Don’t be misled into thinking that online dating is only for millennials or computer nerds there are a variety of dating sites out there based around common interests from dating sites for single Asians, to senior, gay and lesbian dating.  Find the right site based on the things that are important to you in a partner and see if you can find that special someone.